Italian Oasis Photographer prize has been withdrawn.


On 10th May 2017, Oasis Photocontest organizers have decided to withdraw Italian Oasis Photographer prize previously assigned by the jury.

This decision was taken as a result of some complaints sent to contest secretary. These complaints were about the inconsistency between the depicted species, a wandering violin mantis originally found in Sri Lanka and the surrounding environment, probably a forest in the Apennine mountains. We have then asked an entomologist team to give their advice about the image. In the meantime, we have contacted the photographer and asked him clarification. Before the advice arrived, the photographer sent a memorial to our secretary that we have published on our website. In this document the photographer explains that the photo depicts a farmed exotic mantis in an environment alien to that species. The resulting photo, while being acceptable from a technical point of view (it could have been the winner of a generic photographic contest) is not eligible for our contest, since our contest is a naturalistic one and requires that animals have to be photographed in their natural environment. This is why we have decided to withdraw the prize assigned by the jury.