OASIS Photo Contest – Let’s start again!


After the success of last year edition (25.000 photos in the contest from 62 nations, 60 screening events in museums and clubs throughout Italy) Oasis PhotoContest is ready to start again, with some interesting additions.


First of all, as you can see from the unrelenting timer, we have delayed registration deadline to 28th February 2017. Secondly, we have added two more category “open”, for which a raw file is not required, so that photos taken with compact cameras, smartphones and tablets are eligible for the contest. Finally, we have increased category prizes, which will now be awarded not only to the winner, but also to the runner up.

With exception of this additions, we have stuck to the old formula, keeping things the same. Now it’s up to you getting in the game… To win an important prize. To be included in the catalog or in the travelling exhibition. To be in the prestigious “Top 1000”, the 1000 photos that enters the final selection and that can be seen and voted by internet user in order to win the Oasis Web Award.


I wait for the usual gathering of nature photographers in Chiaverano and for delivery of the trophies to the winners. The event is scheduled for Saturday, September 9, 2017 at the theater “Giacosa” of Ivrea.

Alessandro Cecchi Paone